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Daily Forecast: February 16, 2023

A mixed bag of precipitation will move across the region tomorrow. Extreme Southwestern Ontario is expected to see rain transitioning to freezing rain, while Midwestern Ontario sees snow that may be mixed with freezing rain or ice pellets. Eastern Ontario will see precipitation begin late in the afternoon, with cloudy skies for the rest of the day.

As freezing rain is forecasted, be aware of slippery conditions that may develop on roadways and sidewalks. The afternoon commute may be slow for some areas due to icy conditions developing rapidly. If travelling, slow down and leave plenty of room to stop.

Precipitation will heavily depend on the temperature in your area. If the temperature remains warmer than expected, you may receive more rain than freezing rain. We hope to have a forecast posted tomorrow morning with more information. The model data tonight remains slightly unclear.

Temperatures tomorrow will range from -3°C to 4°C across the region. Temperatures in blue represent forecasted wind chill values.


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