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Daily Forecast: January 11, 2023

Cloudy conditions are expected across Southwestern Ontario tomorrow. A mix of rain and snow will move into Midwestern Ontario in the afternoon or early evening, while snow moves into Eastern Ontario in the afternoon or early evening as well.

There is the potential for light drizzle tonight across Southwestern Ontario. Due to the temperature being near the freezing mark, some freezing drizzle will be possible. Take caution if travelling and watch for icy surfaces.

We continue to monitor a potential winter storm that will likely move into the region on Thursday and continue through Friday morning. There has been some disagreement between weather models, however we are getting some clarity on where exactly the storm will move through.

At this time, we are expecting rain to move into Southwestern Ontario on Thursday morning or afternoon and pushing east across the region. Later in the evening, we expect the rain to transition to snow. The transition will occur from west to east across the region, with all the precipitation changing to snow by Thursday evening. Freezing rain is possible near Lake Ontario and the Niagara region, as well as in Eastern Ontario.

Further updates on the winter storm will be communicated as more data becomes available.

High temperatures tomorrow will range from -6°C to 5°C across the region. Temperatures in blue represent forecasted wind chill values.

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