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Daily Forecast: January 19, 2023

A Colorado Low will move into the region tonight, bringing rain to Extreme Southwestern Ontario near midnight and freezing rain to Southwestern and Midwestern Ontario by the morning hours. Precipitation will continue across the region throughout the day.

The morning commute is expected to be slow tomorrow morning due to the freezing rain that is forecasted. We recommend to stay off the roads if possible, as conditions will likely deteriorate rapidly. If you must travel, slow down, turn on your full lighting system, leave yourself plenty of time to stop, and leave extra space between yourself and other motorists.

Freezing Rain Warnings and Winter Weather Travel Advisories have been issued for the region due to this system. For more details on the expected impacts, visit our STORM WATCH page here.

Fog patches are expected over Southwestern Ontario tomorrow morning and may last throughout the day. If you must travel, slow down, turn on your full lighting system, and watch for taillights ahead.

A non-severe thunderstorm cannot be ruled out in Southwestern Ontario tomorrow evening as a second round of rain moves in. The rain may be heavy at times, and some may experience some thunder and lightning. We will be monitoring the situation tomorrow.


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