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Daily Forecast: January 26, 2023

The winter storm will continue across Eastern Ontario tomorrow before moving out of the region in the afternoon. Southwestern Ontario will see light snow through the day tomorrow, and some areas may see some lake effect snow. A few additional centimetres are expected.

As temperatures fall tonight to below freezing for some areas, any roadways that are wet or have slush on them are expected to become icy and slippery. The morning commute may consist of slippery roads for some areas.

Wind gusts of 40 to 50 km/h are possible overnight before easing later tonight, and will likely pick up again during the overnight and early morning hours. Blowing and drifting snow is possible, bringing the potential for reduced visibility. The morning commute may also consist of blowing and drifting snow for some areas.

Snowfall Warnings and Winter Weather Travel Advisories remain in effect from Environment and Climate Change Canada. The winter storm will slowly end from west to east tonight and early tomorrow morning. For the latest updates on the winter storm, visit our STORM WATCH page here.

Temperatures tomorrow will range from -6°C to 0°C across the region. Temperatures in blue represent forecasted wind chill values.


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