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Daily Forecast: January 3, 2023

Rain will continue across the region tomorrow, with the heaviest rain across Southwestern Ontario. Flooding will be possible, so watch for flooded areas and do not attempt to drive through flooded roads. There will be the risk for an isolated non-severe thunderstorm.

Rainfall Warnings have been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The frozen ground will have a hard time absorbing the water, leading to the potential for flooding. For more details on the amount of rain to expect, click here.

Fog patches are expected across the region tonight into tomorrow morning. If driving, slow down, turn on your full lighting system, and watch for taillights ahead.

We are monitoring the potential for freezing rain and ice pellets that may affect Central and Eastern Ontario through Wednesday afternoon and evening. Temperatures are expected to drop as rain continues. Icy conditions may develop on sidewalks and roads. We will have more details on the expected impacts tomorrow afternoon.

High temperatures will range from 2°C to 14°C across the region.


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