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Daily Forecast: June 25, 2023

A mix of sun and cloud will return to the region tomorrow as warm temperatures cover the region. We are expecting humidity to remain fairly low.

Funnel Cloud Advisories remain in effect for some areas tonight due to the potential for funnel clouds to develop. In some cases, these funnel clouds can produce weak landspout tornadoes.

Rainfall Warnings and Special Weather Statements also remain in effect due to heavy rain continuing tonight.

Special Air Quality Statements have been issued for Eastern Ontario due to continuing wildfire smoke. Smoke will move into Eastern Ontario tomorrow and we expect it to move out early in the week. We encourage everyone to stay mindful of air quality.

We are monitoring the potential for some severe weather in Extreme Southwestern Ontario tomorrow evening. Many details still need to be determined, however, there is the potential for heavy rain, damaging winds, and large hail. More details will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

High temperatures will range from 27°C to 30°C across the region.


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