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Daily Forecast: June 8, 2023

Widespread smoke is expected across most of the region tomorrow as it moves away from the Ottawa area, where we expect cloudy conditions, providing some relief from the poor air quality.

We are expecting the large plume of smoke from the wildfires in Ontario and Quebec to move over much of the region throughout the day. We advise cancelling all outdoor activities on Thursday as poor air quality is expected across the region throughout the day. Special Air Quality Statements remain in effect for all of Southern Ontario.

The region remains under Extreme fire danger as the dry spell continues. Even more municipalities and townships are issuing fire bans. We continue to discourage any open fires as they can quickly become out of control.

We are expecting the smoke to continue for Friday and possibly into Saturday for some areas. There is the potential for the smoke to clear out of the region later in the weekend. Stay tuned for further updates.

High temperatures will range from 14°C to 21°C across the region.


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