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Daily Forecast: March 29, 2023

Tomorrow will bring cloudy skies to the region to start off the day, however, a brief but heavy frontal snow squall will push its way through the region in the afternoon.

The cold front will move into the region in the late morning or early afternoon hours. As the front moves through the region, a rapid drop in temperature is expected, with some areas dropping 10°C or more.

A frontal snow squall is expected to develop, likely bringing blowing snow and reduced visibility as wind gusts up to 70 km/h are expected. Some areas may receive rain, or a mix of rain and snow. Accumulations are expected to be minimal, however, the main threat will be the poor visibility. In addition to the snow squall, the environment is expected to be slightly convective with this specific front. Thundersnow is certainly not out of the question once again!

If driving across the region tomorrow, please be cautious. Any rain that falls before the passage of the cold front may freeze quickly due to the rapid drop in temperature.

As stated, temperatures will fall rapidly as the cold front pushes through the region. High temperatures will be reached just ahead of the cold front. High temperatures will range from 2°C to 9°C across the region.

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