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Daily Forecast: March 3, 2023

A winter storm is expected to move into the region late tomorrow. Precipitation will begin in SW Ontario in the afternoon. We are beginning to get more clarity within the weather models, however, there is still some uncertainty regarding where the change from rain to snow will occur.

Right now, we are expecting a mix of rain and snow for Southwestern Ontario and Niagara, while the GTA, including Hamilton, Barrie, and areas of Eastern Ontario, see heavier snow. Areas such as Ottawa, Bancroft, Huntsville, and Tobermory can expect lighter snow.

In advance of this winter storm, Winter Storm Warnings, Winter Storm Watches, and Special Weather Statements have been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

We are working hard on our forecast, however, we are hoping for a bit of clarity regarding the change of rain to snow. We will have our forecasts posted by tomorrow and apologize once again for the delay.

High temperatures tomorrow will range from 0°C to 6°C across the region.


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