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Heavy Rain and Strong Winds for Thursday

Heavy rainfall, strong wind gusts, and unseasonably warm temperatures are on the table for Thursday.

A low pressure system will move into the region late tonight and push northeast as the day continues. Many areas will see heavy rain, however, some areas may also see a period of freezing rain, which may cause icy and slippery surfaces.

It may sound rather unusual for this time of year, but some areas of Southwestern Ontario may see a non-severe thunderstorm tomorrow. Some thunderstorms may bring strong wind gusts along with them.

Although strong wind gusts are possible within the thunderstorms, we are also expecting strong wind gusts across the region, particularly tomorrow evening and overnight into Friday. Now is a good time to secure all outdoor objects or bring them inside.

Most of the region will see 20 to 30 mm of rain, with the exception of the Ottawa Valley and portions of Eastern Ontario where we expect 10 to 20 mm. Rainfall amounts in these areas are expected to be lower due to higher amounts of freezing rain or snow.

As stated, some areas in Southwestern Ontario may see non-severe thunderstorms tomorrow. Any area that sees thunderstorms will likely see locally heavier rainfall amounts.

By tomorrow evening, the wind gusts will start to become fairly strong across Southwestern Ontario. This includes Windsor, Sarnia, Chatham, London, Goderich, Woodstock and Simcoe, where wind gusts of 70 to 80 km/h are expected.

Eastern Ontario will see less of an impact, however, we are also expecting the winds to become stronger later in the night into Friday morning. We will be posting a second update with a Wind Outlook for tomorrow night into Friday.


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