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Monitoring potential Winter Storm next week

Latest model data is showing the potential for the first widespread winter storm for Southern Ontario this year. This storm looks to bring all precipitation types, and of course, the forecast as we see it right now, is rather tricky.

On Monday evening, the system looks to bring a rain/snow mix to the region, with the potential for heavy snow in parts of Midwestern Ontario.

During the day Tuesday, the precipitation appears to slow, with light rain expected in parts of Central and Eastern Ontario.

Tuesday night into Wednesday, the snow begins in Southwestern Ontario.

As of Wednesday morning, the snow seems to become more widespread just in time for the morning commute.

Wednesday evening, the snow continues in time for the evening commute as well.

The snow continues into Thursday, becoming heavier in some regions, and will taper off late Thursday morning.

Forecast updates will be posted as new model data becomes available.


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