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Severe Weather Possible Monday

With hot and humid weather continuing, the chance for severe thunderstorms also continues Monday.

Today's risk for severe thunderstorms is lower than yesterday. The area in Low/Green is at the greatest risk for severe thunderstorms if they develop. The main threats will be heavy rain, small hail, strong wind gusts and flooding.

As stated in yesterday's Severe Weather Outlook, many areas have already seen much rainfall and more rain will may cause more catastrophic or disastrous flooding.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Centre in Norman, OK has issued a Marginal risk for severe thunderstorms up to the Canada/US border.

The Storm Prediction Centre has also issued a Mesoscale Discussion for parts of Southern Michigan, saying the following:

"Isolated to scattered thunderstorms will continue to develop through the early to mid afternoon hours. Storms may be capable of sporadic wind damage, but the overall severe threat will generally remain low and a watch is not expected.

Probability of Watch Issuance...5%"

Stay tuned for further updates.


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