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Snow beginning Thursday into Friday

The second round of snowfall will push into the region between 9 and 10 am on Thursday. The snow will be light and will continue until early Friday morning. This round of snow is not expected to be nearly as impactful as the winter storm earlier this week.

Above is our snowfall outlook for this event. Most of the region can expect 5 to 10 cm, with the exception of the Hamilton region which can expect 10 to 15 cm due to lake enhancement, resulting in higher snowfall amounts.

Above is our Winter Storm Outlook, where most of the region will have a low risk from this event. The Hamilton region is under an elevated risk as that region can expect more snow and a longer period of blowing and drifting snow. The main threats from this system will be light snow, poor travel conditions, blowing snow and wind chill. Wind chill values may reach -10°C in some areas on Thursday night.

Above is our Travel Forecast. Most of the region can expect fair travel conditions on Thursday night. Wind gusts of near 40 km/h are expected, causing blowing and drifting snow and poor visibility. Because the Hamilton region can expect greater snowfall amounts and wind gusts of likely 50 km/h or greater, this area should exercise caution if travelling.


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