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UPDATE: Snow Squalls expected Thursday Night

Snow Squalls will continue off Lake Huron throughout the day before slowly ramping up tonight. The squalls will slowly come to an end Friday evening.

Snowfall totals will be different in regions very close to each other. Snow squalls are difficult to forecast as heavy snow and clear skies can be only a few kilometres apart. The main area of heavy snow can expect 20 to 25 cm by the time the snow squalls dissipate Friday evening.

Outside of this area, 10 to 15 cm is expected. Slightly to the west and east, there is a small area where 5 to 10 cm is expected.

Environment Canada has issued a Snow Squall Warning for parts of London-Middlesex and Sarnia-Lambton. More details are available here.

Below is our road forecast for Thursday evening. Heavy snow is expected along Highway 402 and Highway 21. Light snow is expected along Highway 401, Highway 4, Highway 3 and Highway 7.

This forecast will be updated as needed.


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