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Multi-Day Snow Squall Event Begins Monday

Snow squalls are expected to develop off Lake Huron and Georgian Bay early tomorrow morning and continue until Wednesday. The snow squalls will move south on Tuesday, affecting areas further inland.

Throughout Monday, the snow squalls are expected to affect areas including Grey and Bruce Counties, Northern Huron County, the Barrie area, and the Parry Sound area. Under the heaviest snow squalls, up to 35 cm of snow will be possible. Due to the heavy snow and strong wind gusts within the squalls, visibility will be significantly reduced and travel conditions will be poor, including the potential for whiteout conditions. Road closures will be possible. Highway 6, Highway 9, Highway 10, Highway 11, Highway 12, Highway 21, Highway 26, Highway 93 and Highway 400 are expected to be impacted. Additional snow squalls will be possible in Southwestern Ontario, including areas such as Windsor and Chatham.

By early Tuesday morning, snow squalls will begin to move south and affect areas including Goderich, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Brantford and Simcoe. The main snow squall is expected to develop from Goderich to Simcoe and last for most of the day. Under the heaviest snow squalls, up to 25 cm of snow will be possible. Road closures will be possible once again. Highway 4, Highway 6, Highway 7, Highway 8, Highway 21, Highway 23, Highway 24, Highway 85, Highway 401 and Highway 403 are expected to be impacted.

Consider postponing travel in the affected areas until conditions improve. Snow squalls can cause weather and road conditions to vary drastically within only a few kilometers, and are typically localized in nature. If travelling in a snow squall, pull off the road and find a safe place to stop if needed. Never stop on the roadway as it can cause vehicles to collide with you due to the low visibility. Ensure your full lighting system is turned on. Do not use high beams as they will reflect the snow. If equipped, use fog lights as they are closer to the road. Do not use your hazard lights unless you are stopped.


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