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Daily Forecast: February 22, 2023

A winter storm will move into the region tomorrow, bringing a wide variety of precipitation. The largest concerns for this particular storm are a prolonged period of freezing rain and strong wind gusts.

Snow will begin to move into Southwestern Ontario tomorrow morning and push eastward across the region. Following the snow, freezing rain and ice pellets will begin to move in. Road conditions are expected to deteriorate rapidly.

Winter Storm Warnings, Freezing Rain Warnings, and Snowfall Warnings have all been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada ahead of this winter storm.

Due to the strong winds, power outages will be possible with this storm. Now is the time to prepare and have a plan in place in the event you lose power. Ensure your devices are charged, and your vehicles have a full tank of fuel. If possible, we recommend avoiding travelling tomorrow if you live or work in Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Central Ontario, or the GTA. Conditions will severely deteriorate for the evening commute.

All details for this winter storm will be published in our STORM CENTRE. We are currently working on our forecast and will have more details posted soon. We thank you for your patience.

High temperatures tomorrow will range from -5°C to 0°C across the region. Temperatures in blue represent forecasted wind chill values.

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