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Daily Forecast: December 25, 2022

Snow squalls will continue off Lake Huron tomorrow, as well as Lake Erie. Poor travel is expected in areas off Lake Huron as well as Eastern Ontario and the Niagara region. The rest of the region will see flurries or cloudy skies. Wind gusts are expected to remain moderate throughout the day, leading for potential blowing and drifting snow and poor visibility.

We have created a Travel Outlook for tomorrow. For more details, click here to visit our STORM WATCH page. Blizzard Warnings, Snow Squall Warnings and Winter Weather Travel Advisories remain in effect. Take extreme caution if travelling tomorrow. Conditions will begin to improve tomorrow night.

Merry Christmas from Advance Weather! If travelling tomorrow, please stay safe. Our STORM WATCH coverage will continue throughout the day with the information you need to know.

High temperatures will range from -9°C to -4°C across the region. Temperatures in blue represent forecasted wind chill values.


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