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Daily Forecast: January 17, 2023

Rain will continue tonight across Southwestern Ontario, while many areas see freezing rain overnight. Icy conditions are expected on roadways and sidewalks. The freezing rain will continue through tomorrow morning for many areas.

A slow morning commute is expected tomorrow across most of the region due to the freezing rain. Freezing Rain Warnings have been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada. If travelling tonight or tomorrow morning, slow down, leave yourself plenty of time to stop, and leave extra space between yourself and other motorists. For more details on the freezing rain, click here.

We continue to monitor a system that will likely impact the region on Thursday. Precipitation types, amount of precipitation, locations impacted, and timing are still uncertain. The exact track of the system is also uncertain, and any changes in the track will result in large changes to the amount of precipitation and locations impacted. Stay tuned for further forecast updates.

High temperatures will range from -3°C to 9°C across the region.

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