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Daily Forecast: December 31, 2022

Rain will continue across the region tomorrow, heavy at times. If driving, be aware of hydroplaning and slow down on the roads.

Rainfall Warnings and Special Weather Statements are in effect from Environment and Climate Change Canada. For more details on the amount of rain expected, click here.

Fog patches have developed across the region tonight and will dissipate late tomorrow. Fog Advisories have been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada. If driving, slow down, turn on your full lighting system, and watch for taillights ahead.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! Advance Weather reminds you to not drive under the influence tomorrow night after new year's celebrations. If you are planning on being under the influence, have a designated driver that will not be drinking alcohol, take a cab or plan on spending the night. It is not worth the risk for yourself or others. We hope everyone has an enjoyable night! Please stay safe and take care of yourself.

High temperatures will range from 2°C to 7°C across the region.


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