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Daily Forecast: February 23, 2023

The winter storm will move out of the region tonight into tomorrow morning. Freezing rain, ice pellets and snow are all expected. Strong wind gusts will continue through the night.

Cloudy skies are expected for most of the region tomorrow, while Eastern and Central Ontario see a risk for snow and freezing rain in the afternoon.

Winter Storm Warnings, Freezing Rain Warnings, and Snowfall Warnings remain in effect from Environment and Climate Change Canada. As the winter storm moves out of the region, these alerts are expected to end.

Many areas will remain below the freezing mark tonight. As freezing rain continues, roads are expected to freeze, and ice will likely take a while to melt. We are expecting the morning commute to be slow across the entire region tomorrow.

There are currently multiple power outages affecting Southwestern Ontario. As the strong winds and freezing rain continue overnight, these power outages are expected to continue. Be prepared! Have your generator and flashlights ready.

Temperatures tomorrow will range from -11°C to 4°C across the region. Temperatures in blue represent forecasted wind chill values.


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